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cant wait

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just no…

sign me up for the gang bang



just no…

sign me up for the gang bang

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Surprise, Muthafucka!

Text 15 Feb (The Not So) Elite Four

Best things I have done this semester:

1) downloaded the jailbroken version of Pandora so i can get unlimited streaming and no annoying ass ads.

2) downloaded Pokemon Fire Red. 30 hours of gameplay logged versus about 6 hours of homework in the last week. Move over Ash Ketchum

3) named my rival “Faggot” so i get a rise every time I have to duel his ass. (Win or lose, he’s still the faggot)

4) made the Elite Four my bitch. Note to 12 year old self, it would have helped if you had a fucking Gyarados with Thunder, Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, and Fire Blast with about 20 Max Ethers. You fucking idiot. My current team makes my childhood lineups look like: weedle, kakuna, female magikarp, male magikarp, abra, jigglypuff

5) bought my Bassnectar ticket for April

6) experimented with drugs

I just wish they handed out gym badges for completing homework…

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keep eating your soup people

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Cat is amazed by car ride. [video]

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In honor of National Taco Day.


In honor of National Taco Day.

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